Mindful Monday

In May 2022 our Social Responsibility Committee held a School Wide Activity to practice mindfulness and build community while promoting social emotional learning in connection to our school wide goal

Two multi-aged classes partnered together and went  through four “mindful activities” led by staff who are in the social responsibility committee. The are four mindful activities the groups were:

  1. Mindful Movement (nature walk)
  2. Mindful Magic (story)
  3. Mindful Melodies (listening to music)
  4. Mindful Masterpieces (art)

Learners will practiced "slowing down" with another Westwind student from a different grade, while mindfully attending to thoughtful activities aimed a teaching skills for our learners to use to stay present and alert during the day.   Mindfulness, defined simply, means paying attention.


Why practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness teaches students how to pay attention to the present moment.  A focus on mindfulness enhances relationships, reduces stress and fosters our students' ability to stay engaged. In a current study by K. Schonert-Reichl reports, “Incorporating mindfulness into education has been linked to improving academic and social and emotional learning. Also, mindfulness strengthens some underlying development processes—such as focus, resilience, and self-soothing—that will help kids in the long run.”   The studies also show that learners who practice mindfulness excelled above the other group in the areas of attention, memory, emotional regulation, optimism, stress levels, mindfulness, and empathy.



Updated: Saturday, June 25, 2022