Division 4 - Growth Mindset and Zones of Regulation

Big Idea: 

Physical and Health Education:

Our physical, emotional, and mental health are interconnected.

Learning Intention / Core and Curricular Competencies:

Since September learners in Division 4 have been learning to understand the wide variety of feelings and emotions that we may feel each day. They have devoted many class meetings to learning about how to control our emotions and feelings.  We have grounded our learning through examples from the “Growth Mind Set", the “Zones of Regulations" (lead by Ms. Harvey-Wong), and practical calming activities such as, “Five Finger Breathing" technique. Their  goal is to understand that it is okay to feel all the feelings and emotions that we do and to introduce strategies to help them return to a place where they feel calm, happy, focused and ready to learn. Division 4 will continue to explore how these strategies help them to build healthy relationships, to make mindful choices, to set realistic goals for ourselves, and to help us learn socially and academically. 

Learners have ongoing opportunities to build their understanding of a Growth Mind Set.  With a positive attitude and a (I can....) approach to trying news things helps them see that they will be able to accomplish anything life!

  1. Step one, recognizing your feelings is a very important skill to develop.   
  2. Step two, if you find yourself in the "Red Zone" - getting yourself into the "Green Zone" can make a huge difference in your happiness.

Mastering these ideas will result in a positive performance at school, and in personal activities.

Learners also practiced the “Five Finger Breathing" as a practical calming activity that is easy to remember and that they can use it anywhere.


Evidence Description:  Students were asked to reflect, using the following prompt and by sharing "I Can" statements in relation to the Core Competencies

Reflection Question:  Understanding our feelings and emotions help us to return to the Green Zone where we feel happy, calm, focused and ready to learn.  

Thinking about what say, and how we say things helps us to understand that a positive I can statements helps us is reaching our goals. 

How do the Zones of Regulation and/or Growth Mind Set help me learn and prepare myself for success at school?

Student Reflections Evidence

  • In class I’ve learned zones of regulation. It helps me learn by calming myself up and even if you feel in the red, yellow, blue, zone maybe be alone for a minute or take time to think about HOW I can get back to the green zone. My way of going back to the green zone is for example I am in the red zone, feeling mad angry, at that time I take a deep breath, and out. Also, to be honest it’s ok to be in other zones because every one of it is normal. Sometimes it could be difficult to go back to the green zone and I think it’s fine but, it is important to know how and why we go in the green zone.
  • The zone’s of regulation have thought me that it’s harder to do things with a fixed mind set than with a growth mindset.
  • Also I have learned that you can be much more convenient with a growth mindset and That a growth mindset is much more comfortable.
  • This is at home  I love my dogs and when I am stressed I  pet my dogs and I hug them and they calm me down.
  • And I remove myself away from the problem and go somewhere calm and I go shot hockey pucks it calms me down.
  • This at school I go somewhere  Quiet when l have a problem and I take deep breaths and calm my self down.
  • Me having a growth mind set helps me learn at school it helps me be calm and keeps me in the green zone.
  • When I have a fixed mind set it is really hard to learn  it makes me think that i am not smart it puts me in the yellow blue and red zone. The zones have made me know what zone I am in.
  • I learned about the different zones. Blue is tired, green is good to go, yellow is getting exited, and red is mad/angry which you have to calm down. It is good to learn about the zones because you will stay mad, tired or exited. If you are angry or exited too much, use the 5 finger breathing method. I also learned about the growth mindset, and the fixed mindset. You should always think good in the growth mindset because you can always accomplish things. If you are in the fixed mindset, you have to think better. You always think badly so you can’t accomplish anything. Say if you have a bad attitude, you are always thinking negative, and no one will like you. These zones and mindsets have helped me think better and not fixed mindsets. Thanks for teaching these attitudes and how to fix it.
  • I love ❤️ my mom and my family. I Also love basketball 🏀.  When I am stressed I played basketball to calm down. I really like go skiing ⛷  with my friends. When I am mad I get my giant teddy bear ( which is 6’0 ) then I jump on the bear head then start punching it to make me more calm ( poor teddy bear )so I could turn into the green ✅ zone
  • I have learned lot’s of the zones of regulation it is a way to keep my calm.
  • The five hand finger thing keeps my calm and focused.
  • Growth and fixed mindset are positive and non positive thing you say for example “I can do it” is a growth mindset and “ I can’t do it is a fixed mindset.
  • If you are in a fixed mindset say “ I can’t do it (yet) .
  • I learned that growth mindset can help me with preparing myself for school by making myself confident for work I will have to do today and preparing myself for any big things that’s gonna happen today like tests.
  • The zones of regulation can help me at school because if I can get myself into the green zone, I am ready to learn and I won’t be tired or mad or upset. I can also use different strategies to help me get back into the green zone if I am in the any other zone. If have a growth mindset, I can use positive comments and not use negative comments. I can also use positive comments to support other people
  • I can use growth mindset when I feel like I am stuck in a math test I can just tell myself I can do this.
  • It is good to be in the green zone because then I am focussed I have attentive listening and I am ready to do my work.
  • Being in the green zone or having a growth mindset is really going to help me with my school work.
  • All in all I will definitely use growth mindset during school and I will try and stay in the green zone😃
  • It’s normal to feel all emotions. Just try to stay in the green zone. That zone has happy, calm, good, thankful, proud and ready to learn. The yellow zone is like you need to slow down. Because it has silly, frustrated, scared, upset, worried and excited. The red zone is like  your going FULL OUT your LOSING CONTROL OF YOURSELF. You need to stop and use the five finger breathing technique to bring you to the green zone. The blue zone is like a sad zone where your tired, sad, sick, and board.
  • Growth mind set means to me like an encourager partner to face my fears.The zones of regulation consists of the yellow zone red zone green zone and the blue zone.The yellow zone has an emotion such as 😜.The red zone has an a emotion such as 😡.The green zone has 😃 and the blue zone has 😢.When you’re in the Green zone you are OK when you are in the red zone do you need to stop when you’re in the yellow zone you need to slow down when you’re in the blue zone do you have a break red zone is red light The yellow zone Is the yellow light means slow down the green zone means go The blue zone means off.
  • The zones Regulation helps me learn how to calm me down with the Finger breathing 🖐🏻 And the growth mindset tells Other people that I am positive.👧🏻👍🏻
  • The Zones of Regulation and/or Growth mind set will help me because it tells me to look on the bright side. If something seems impossible, I just need to try, I will be able to do it. It prepares me for succeed because, if I have a Fixed mindset people will think: Oh, they are never in a good mood they are never positive. They are always negative. If that is people’s first impression on me, that is not good at all. I want them to think: They are very happy and fun to talk to! Then people think think positive of me and that is what I want! I have the power to make things happy. I am the one who needs to control it. Not my friends, and not my family. The zones of regulation also help me control my emotions.
  • Growth Mindset helps me because it makes me feel good and proud of myself even when I can’t do something. Adding the word "yet" also helps because it makes me feel confident and gives me more of a push to doing what I can’t "yet". The Zones Of Regulation helps me because it can make me feel calmer when I find out what zone I am in and try to go back into the green zone. It also helps me find out what other people might be feeling and maybe I could try and help, or give them space if it isn’t the best time to ask what’s wrong. Both of these help me because it can relax me and give me less stress. The 5 Finger Breathing also really helps because a lot of times, I have a lot of work and the quick breathing helps when I am very busy. Thank you for teaching me the 5 Finger Breathing, Mr. Pantaleo!
  • I learned that if you have a fixed mindset you are not likely to succeed. If you have a growth mindset you will likely succeed because you believe that you can do it and try harder. The zones of regulation are four different colours that represent emotions. The green zone means your happy, having fun, and in a good place to learn. The yellow zone means that you are getting exited, nervous, and could work for learning. The red zone means you are angry, elated, and is not appropriate for learning. The last zone is the blue zone is means your sad, hurt, and is not good for learning. Personally I am in the green zone most of the time but when something goes wrong I go into the yellow zone, and if something truly horrible happens I will go into the red zone and start yelling.
  • The zones of regulations help me know that I’m in the red zone or when I’m in the yellow zone or when I’m in the blue zone. That way I can control my feelings and when I get a little angry , I can warn myself to calm down.
  • When I don’t know how to do my math, I tell I can’t do it YET!
  • So far I have learned to keep my self calm, and I can  understand the zones that there are and which one I’m in.
  • Now I know that I can grow my brain. I can also use the five finger strategy to keep my self calm. Also I have thought more about the mindset that I can put my self into . I think that the word “yet” can change, “I CANT DO IT”. ! Into “I can’t do it YET” ! The first statement is a fixed mindset the second  statement is a growth mindset. Mr. Pantaleo has done multiple projects on  growth mindsets and ☹️ Fixed mindsets. Mrs Harvey Wong has done the lessons on the zones of regulation which has really helped !
  • When I have a growth mindset it helps with my listening and trying harder and driving me to success
  • To get out of the Yellow or Red zone, try to take deep breaths, and get a trusted adult to help resolve the situation. #
  • Sometimes I cut paper to calm myself down 😃😁!!!!!! It helps me get to the green zone but sometimes I don’t clean it up!
  • This information will Help me when I am maybe in the yellow ,blue, or red zone i will try to
  • Do the five-fingered breathing so that i I can calm myself down because the more sad, mad,or how excited I am it will in courage other students to  be  mad, sad, or really excited as well.


Updated: Monday, January 31, 2022