Learner Scan: Interview Evidence

On September 24 our staff gathered to look at evidence collected during student interviews in the late spring.  We scanned our learners (K-7) to help us determine a focus question for “Our Story”.  We will use the evidence to help us know where will we concentrate our energies in order to make a big and lasting difference for our learners and identify an area as a school goal.  Later in the year we will invite parents to provide your perspectives about your child's learning too.  More to come....

We scanned for learning and wellness.

  • We need to really understand the experiences of our young people as learners.
  • We need to listen to their voices.
  • What are our learners saying?
  • Can they express what they are learning?
  • Do they know what they need to do next?
  • Are they becoming more metacognitive about their learning?
  • Are they tuned into their feelings and emotions?
  • Do they have strategies to help them navigate the ups and downs of life?

Four key questions for Learners (Spirals of Inquiry)

Everyone is likely to have opinions about what is going on for learners. In the scanning phase, we are collecting a variety of evidence about what is from the perspective of your learners.  I hope we can collectively gather useful information.

What we think we know about our learners could mislead us.   It’s important to challenge our assumptions by asking simply asking our learners directly.

So we asked our learners following four questions:

  • Can you name two people in this setting who believe you will be a success in life?
  • What are you learning and why is it important?
  • How is it going with your learning?
  • What are your next steps?

We collated some of the evidence after interviewing our learners (K-7).  Here is what they said when we asked them HOW DO YOU KNOW believe you will be a success in life.

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Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021