Staff Scan June 2021

On June 29, 2021 our staff engaged in a Professional Development afternoon with our District's Social Responsibility team.

The data we collected for your student school scan is informative for future work with identifying areas of need to focus on for SEL and SR work.  The team decided to scan the staff with the same two SEL/SR questions we asked our learners.  It is important to strengthen adult SEL alongside our learners.  If we cultivate a community of adults who engage in their own social and emotional learning, collaborate on strategies for promoting SEL, and model SEL throughout the school then we will have a better understanding and capcity to support our learners.  It is critically important that schoolwide SEL implementation intentionally nurtures a work environment in which staff feel supported, empowered, able to collaborate effectively and build relational trust, and also able to develop their social and emotional skills.  It is our hope to establish a community of adults who are engaged in ongoing social and emotional learning. 

Pro-D Agenda:
- Welcome/Opening Activity
- SEL 101
- Teacher wellness activity
- What went well this school year (focus on the positive) – ‘stickies’ activity 
- Values Activity – Mentimeter (with goal of unpacking and looking at deeper w/regards to SWL/matrix in September)
- ‘Optimistic closure’

SEL #1:

What do you need to learn and thrive at work?


SEL #2: 

What are some helpful strategies you use to cope with difficult emotions


As a further step we will begin to use resources to support our learning in the area of SEL.

​ - resources from our local school districts



We also explored the the question:  What is SEL?


Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021