Scanning: What’s going on for our learners?

After  scanning our learners across all grades, K-7 all results were collated in order to use the data and analyse using guiding questions:

Guiding Questions

What is going on for our learners?

How do we know?

Why does it matter?


*See a selection of our complied evidence below

What caught our attention during the scanning phase?

What’s missing? What other evidence do we need?

What are some strengths that our learners show in this area?

How could we build on these strengths?

What can we most effectively tackle over the next few weeks or months?


During our next Professional Development Day, staff will explore the evidence in groups to determine our focus moving forward.  Questions we will explore and process we will follow::

  • What did you learn about your students by deeply listening?
  • What questions did it leave you with?

1.Cooperatively select a question you want to look at the evidence for.  *Use your interviews to support this decision

2.Read through the evidence together.

3.Using information from the scan, identify a common area/theme that emerges for your team to work on 

4.Move your evidence onto the recording page.  Be selective - you don’t need to include all the quotes support your inquiry.

5.Summarize your discussion and rationale

6. Share out to larger group.

*Due to an unexpected school closure, this portion of the journey has been postponted to our September 2021 Professional Development Day.  Stay tuned!

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021