Weekly Reflections by Ms. Ludwig: WAAG

Every week Ms. Ludwig, our school Principal, is sharing a blog style reflection with the community.  It is published in the Week at a Glance that is emailed out to all families and posted on our school website. 

Themes in her reflection are centered on our current school goal:   

How do we help our students develop a community of caring? 


The courage to share thoughts, experiences, and ideas with others who have a stake in our community means that my reflections can serve as vehicle to share the successes of my students and staff.  Sharing is the key word here.  It will also show students, parents, and community members how passionate we are about what we do here at Westwind.

Reflecting on a regular basis is an ongoing way to share provocations for our community to ponder and to offer entry points for our families to use for conversations with their children.  I reflect in writing in the hope of challenging not only my community's thinking, but also my own thinking in order to continually grow as a  leader.  I also hope that my reflections support a greater understanding about the work we are doing at Westwind in the area of school social and emotional responsibiliy.



Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021