Parent Advisory Council

What we do…

PAC is the collective voice of parents at the school. We are an organization within the school community formed to discuss the matters affecting the school and the education of the students. We offer a wealth of ideas and support for parents.  PAC does the following for the school community:

  • organize PAC activities and events to provide parent education
  • encourage parent involvement within the school
  • communicate with parents and promote cooperation between the home and the school in
  • providing education and support
  • advise the administrative staff and provide feedback on school programs, policies, plans and activities
  • assist and advocate on behalf of the parents
  • provide financial support for the goals of the PAC

Elected Executives of the PAC - who we are and what we do…

Drew Savage, Chairperson – coordinates PAC affairs in cooperation with the other executive members. The Chairperson acts as the official spokesperson for the organization and makes a sincere effort to understand the school community and maintains a spirit of loyalty and cooperation among the executive and parents. Acts as signing officer for the PAC.

Shelley Rogers, Vice-Chairperson – assumes the responsibility of the Chairperson if the Chairperson is unable to attend or upon request and will accept extra duties as required.  Acts as signing officer for the PAC.

Sarah Bianchini, Treasurer – receives all funds for the PAC and disburses funds authorized by the executive or the members.  The Treasurer maintains an accurate record of all expenditures of the PAC, provides a report of all receipts and expenditures at the general meetings and deposits all funds collected on behalf of the PAC.

Christin Gannon and Kim Paterson, Secretary/Communications – records and presents the minutes of all general, special and executive meetings.  The Secretary keeps an accurate and up to date copy of the Constitution and Bylaws.  Issues and receives correspondence and minutes on behalf of the PAC and distributes to the required parties.


  • Food Days – Alanna McConnell
  • Fundraising Committee – Gina Singh, Rachel McGlenister and Kristy Miller
  • Playground CommitteeLisa Toffolo, Jamie Hudson, Rochelle Stimpson and Jessica Buayong
  • Dance Committee – Rupi Gill and Kharmen Cheema
  • Book Fair – Audrey Polyakov and Rosie Bains
  • Yearbook Committee – John Panago
  • Lend a Helping Hand Club – Rowena Taylor
  • Parent Education Committee – Victoria Chan
  • Fruit and Veggie Program – vacant

Who can become a member of PAC…

All parents and guardians of students registered at Westwind Elementary are able to participate and are members of the PAC. You do not need to sit on the PAC Executive to be an active part of the PAC. 



PAC News

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