District Code of Conduct: How We Learn and Work Together

The Board of Education recognizes its obligation to provide all members of our school district community with a positive climate and a safe, healthy environment.

As we learn and work together, we will...

1.  Show respect for the diversity of the members of our school and district community.

2.  Behave in a safe, considerate and courteous manner.

3.  Not threaten, harass, intimidate or assault, in any way, any person within our school district community, through physical violence, print or electronic media.

4.  Not be in possession of weapons, dangerous articles, alcohol or illegal drugs while in school or work.

5.  Show respect and pride in our school district buildings and equipment through care and appropriatte use of school district property.

6.  Respect the non smoking environment of our schools and school district facilities.


Our expectations for how we learn and work together shall apply to everyone in our schools and at school functions.