Term 3 at Westwind

After knowing and understanding comes doing.

Third term was a time of celebration of our learning throughout the school year.


Photo #1.  Our Kindergarten students celebrate a successful first year of learning at Westwind. It was important for the children to know and understand how to navigate the new world of school life. The year for half the kindergarten students was very challenging, because of the difficulty of finding a permanent teacher. The children had very caring and competent teachers and finally had the continuity of a wonderful job share partnership from January until June.


Photo #2.  We were fortunate to host a group of students from China. Our Westwind Waves showed their SPIRIT (Safe, Positive, Inclusive, Respectful, Involved, and a Team player) by welcoming our guests into their classrooms and in trips around the community.

This group photo was taken at the Arts Connection where our guests took photos in front of the Wings project which was made by 15 of our grade seven students in partnership with students from Admiral Seymour students in Vancouver.


Photo #3.  We believe that the more chances you give students to show empathy and community mindedness, they will be intrinsically to demonstrate these traits in their homes, future schools, and community.

Pink shirt day was one such opportunity to show support for any child who is bullied. Thanks to our parent group, all staff and students were able to purchase a pink shirt or wear their own pink shirts. The day was a celebration of kindness and ways to treat each other well.


Photo #4 & #5.  The Westwind Community came together to raise over $3,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The kick off assembly gave leadership opportunities for our older students.  The event itself was led by a parent volunteer.


Photo #6.  A crowning achievement was the transformation of a spare classroom into our Learning Lab.

This room contains Osmos, Keva Blocks, Maker Space, and a green screen. All students had the opportunity to use the various open-ended learning manipulatives. Feedback from staff and students has been very positive as a way to show your learning.


Photo #7.  We said good bye to our canine friend, Echo. Echo was a service dog and he supported a students with Autism. Echo helped some students who were afraid of dogs overcome this fear and brought joy to the staffroom at recess and lunch.


Photo #8.  On our last day of school with students, we celebrated our student volunteers and track meet ribbon winners. As you can see from the photo, we had a large number of students who were lunch monitors in the primary classrooms, office monitors, food day helpers, crossing guards, assembly leaders, and morning announcers.


The year in review was one of growth mindset and an ”I can’t do it yet” attitude.

Our students have shown a positive attitude towards their learning and we hope to continue to build on this positive attitude and to work to change the culture of the school to one of open communication and trust between home and school.