How do we help our students develop greater perserverence and resilience, so that they feel confident with their learning?

How did we determine our focus and what did we learn from listening to our students?

Through a number of conversations with students, parents and staff, we noticed that both staff and parents felt that needing to enhance students’ persistence and independence was highlighted. As a school, and with the support of our school counselor, we did a number of activities that asked students to think more about persistence and about how to develop a greater growth mindset. As a staff, this is something that we feel we would like to work on through the year next year. We also noticed that students were expressing that they wanted a greater variety of learning experiences and more choice in their learning and this was especially true of our intermediate students. We feel that this connects with our focus on increasing independence and persistence as students will often not know how to approach an open-ended personalized task, and that they will need more guidance and teaching in how to approach such tasks and what to do when students are confronted with a challenge. Students through the grades wanted to maintain our SPIRIT program as do parents and staff. The SPIRIT program is woven into many aspects of the school and will continue to be a focus.

Our writing focus came about from staff looking at their students and scanning for learning needs as we determined how best to use our extra staffing allocation through the Priority Measure funding. Staff noticed that throughout the grades, students needed writing support and we would like this to continue to be a focus next year.

Group Response to the Question: “What Do We Need to do Better?”


  • freedom and having choices about decisions
  • must, can could
  • nothing
  • need to focus more on SPIRIT
  • more assemblies
  • get newer technologies
  • longer recess and lunchtime
  • change teaching method and teach better behaviour
  • play fair and know what SPIRIT means
  • not playing fair
  • change how they do classes, more straight classes
  • more gym time and more field trips


  • persistence
  • empathy
  • belonging
  • diverse background
  • risk-taking


  • would love to see a culture of gratitude
  • top academic school in Richmond
  • keep our school acting as a community
  • push the SPIRIT program (mentioned a few times)
  • continue to make Westwind the school of choice
  • make physical education a bigger priority
  • see teachers make better use of the learning opportunities involved in split classes—the younger grade should have opportunities to listen to try the older grade’s lessons
  • to be a school that creates a sense of belonging for all students and is a positive pillar in our community
  • incorporate more skills into curriculum. Eg. Teaching all kids how to type properly
  • to help our kids learn to communicate more verbally-public speaking (becoming a lost art with all forms of electronic communication)
  • focus on writing skills to really prep kids for highschool