Our School Story

Westwind Elementary is located in Richmond, BC in the Steveston area of the city. The school is very community based and when all members of our community are asked about what they value about our school, the overwhelming response is the sense of community and sense of caring that is evident throughout the school. On several occasions, we asked staff, parents, and students what they like about our school and the responses are captured below.

Group Responses To the Question, “What do you Value/Like About Our School?”


  • like what I’m learning
  • like how teachers help
  • social aspect of Westwind
  • we’re a community and we care about each other (this was mentioned several times in various forms)
  • helpers
  • feel safe
  • welcoming
  • lots of people show SPIRIT and they are very kind
  • we make new friends
  • it’s fun
  • lots of subjects and lots of things to learn
  • seeing my friends
  • like the people and the teachers, they are nice to you when you walk by them
  • teachers are caring
  • people and the teachers
  • the people and the classes


  • A stronge sense of Social responsibility/Safe Space
  • Try to live and breathe SPIRIT
  • Positive behaviour
  • Involved and active students
  • Family teams
  • Leadership
  • Strong parent/teacher relations
  • Involved parents
  • Families that bring rich life experiences
  • Families have expectations of engaged learning and participation
  • Stable population
  • want students to do well/be happy
  • Some Changes noted over the past number of years
  • learning, social/emotional challenges
  • traditions (continuing/shifting)
  • more ELL students
  • more families with both parents working
  • Strong community identity
  • accepting
  • happy teachers, happy kids
  • values relationships
  • Dedicated teachers
  • collaboration
  • supportive, unified, inclusive staff


  • a warm, welcoming community school where parents, teachers and children connect and grow and learn together using their gifts (this theme was mentioned several times)
  • acceptance of diversity
  • Grand Central Station; everything goes through here
  • Friendships
  • Approachable teachers
  • A place for my children to learn academic and social lessons
  • Public school with a private feel (ie great funding from PAC)
  • A community-based school that is family friendly with lots of participation by kids and parents for school activities (book fair, field trips, sports events)
  • A safe learning environment
  • A resource centre to help my kids thrive at school
  • A second home where many friendships have been made